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  • General Information

    Zoar United Church of Christ considers it a welcomed privilege to be a part of two people joining their lives in marriage. When two persons come to the church altar for marriage, they are participating in a solemn and sacred service of the Church of Jesus Christ. Use of the church for a wedding will be for church members and others who wish to be united in Christian marriage.

  • Wedding Reservations

    The church is considered reserved for a wedding when the church office is contacted at (812) 963-3749 to make sure the church facilities and pastor are available for the date and time wanted. A deposit must be received and a Wedding Reservation Contract must be signed to reserve the date. Additionally, the fee for the Facilities Coordinator is due at the time of contract. Until the above criteria is met, the reservation is not final and other bookings may occur.

  • Facilities Coordinator

    Zoar Church will have a facilities coordinator work with the couple planning to be married and the church office will provide contact information to the couple with the coordinator’s information. The Zoar Facilities Coordinator will be your primary contact during your planning process to coordinate the logistics of your day. Zoar’s Pastor will be your point of contact regarding premarital counseling and planning your ceremony, including approval of music selections. If you are not using Zoar’s pastor, you will need to coordinate those details with your officiant.

  • Zoar Pastor

    Zoar gives it’s called pastor priority in performing a wedding. If the pastor declines, or is not available to perform the ceremony and the facilities are otherwise available, visiting ministers may be asked to perform the service. The name and contact information should be given to Zoar’s pastor. He will extend the invitation to the guest minister.

  • General Facilities Information

    • The church sanctuary has a capacity of about 200.
    • The Woodland Chapel has the capacity of 300+.
    • For receptions at Zoar, both the Fellowship Hall and the Shelter House are available for rent. Standard rental rules apply.
    • Dressing facilities as are available at the church for both women and men. There are separate restrooms available as well.
    • If you want your pastor to attend your rehearsal dinner and/or reception, please let him/her know as soon as possible, at least three months prior to the wedding.
  • Fees

    • The deposit is required at the time of booking the church facilities.
    • The Zoar Facilities Coordinator Fee is required at the time of booking the church facilities.
    • All other fees must be paid one month prior to the wedding.
    • All returned checks will be charged a $25 returned check fee and must be replaced before ceremony takes place. Replacement checks must be certified funds.
    • If you cancel the booking, prior to a month before the ceremony the full deposit will be returned. For all cancelations made less than 30 days prior to ceremony, the full deposit will be kept.
    • Please make all checks payable to Zoar United Church of Christ.
    Location Fee
    Woodland Chapel $500.00 ($100.00 deposit required, will be applied to total rental, not refundable)
    Sanctuary $500.00 ($100.00 deposit required, will be applied to total rental, not refundable)
    Facilties Coordinator REQUIRED $125.00
    Sound Technician REQUIRED $75.00
    Custodian REQUIRED $50.00
    Pastor $200.00
    Organist $150.00

    Fees are based on 2022 prices and are subject to change.